Is it free to book?
Yes!! Book a car is completely free.

Payment will be made on arrival in Crete (at receipt of the car)!

How old do I need to be to hire a car?
You can rent a car in Crete if you are over 23 years old and have a license since 12 months.

Will my driver license work for Crete?
All EU licenses are accepted!
Generally, if your driving license has all information written on it also with Latin characters there will be no problem!
Otherwise, you will need an international permit (please, note that it is valid only if accompanied by the normal driving license.)

Is there any deposit/prepayment?
No!! Payment will be made on arrival in Crete (at receipt of the rental car)!

Do I need a credit card?
Credit card is not required to hire a car in Heraklion – you could pay in cash!

Can I use a debit card?
Of course! A debit card as well as a prepaid card can be used to make the payment (the credit card’s holder must be present).

What is the meaning of your FULL INSURANCE – NO EXCESS / ZERO DEDUCTABLE?
If you hire a car and it gets damaged, the ‘Excess’ (or the ‘Deductible’) is the amount of money you have to pay upon returning the vehicle.
When you rent a car in Crete with us, there is NO Excess/Deductible – you are not accountable and you will not be charged for any destruction or damages made to the car!
Insurance is not valid: For drunk driving or driving under influence of drugs, negligent or on unauthorized/unpaved roads and driving to prohibited areas.

Do I have to give my credit card number for guarantee?
No, since the car is full insured, no guarantee has to be paid or given.
You will be fully reviled of the any responsibility (remember: NO EXCESS / ZERO DEDUCTABLE)!

Can anyone drive the vehicle?
Only registered drivers can drive the car. Additional drivers can be written on the contract free of charge. They must present a full valid license held for a minimum of 12 months at time of pick up.

Can I reserve a specific rental car model in Crete?
Although reservations can only be confirmed according to the category and not according to the model, we will do our utmost to deliver the car you want. Please, if there is a specific reason (like special equipment, wheel chair etc.) let us know!

What about the fuel policy?
Car has to be returned the same amount of petrol or diesel as the car was delivered.

After booking a car, can I cancel it?
You are able to cancel your reservation free of charge anytime! Please, if so, inform us as soon as possible!

What if I want to modify my booking?
You are welcomed to send us an email anytime! We remain always at your disposal.

What happens in case my Flight is arriving on delay to Crete?
Asking for your flight information is not curiosity!
It is extremely helpful on Heraklion Airport car reservations.
You are telling us exactly when you will arrive and it helps us track the plane either in case of delay or early arrival!
So, if your flight is delayed, an employee of Car Rental Crete will be there waiting for you and if it is going to arrive earlier we will have the car ready for rent as soon as possible!

How will we find you at Heraklion Airport to pick up the car?
We will wait for you at our private Heraklion Airport parking lot which is located 20 meters away from the arrival building .

What will I have to do if I have a car accident in Crete?
The first thing you have to do is to contact us by phone about the incident – the sooner the better so we can help instantly. Take photographs of the car and any other vehicles or of the site if this is relevant. The nearest police station must be informed to reach the accident’s location and get the names and addresses of everyone involved. Later, they will ask you to fill in an accident report form. If your car is not drivable we will bring you a similar one as soon as possible.

What happens if I return the car later / earlier than agreed?
In case the rental car has to be returned later you should inform us in advance. The car rental insurances are valid and cover you only for the period that indicated on the signed Agreement.
Please, if you have to return the car later notify us as soon as possible!
We are unable to give a refund if you return the vehicle early (Greek bureaucracy…) BUT the “unused” amount will be credited to your next rental!

What should I do to extend my rental period?
If you wish to extend the contracted period, you must contact us as soon as possible. The car rental extension might be subject to availability but we will try our best to satisfy you!

I still have questions…
You are welcomed to send us an email anytime: kafetzakis@carrentalcrete.gr