Minivan rental in Heraklion

Choosing the right vehicle

Summer family holidays and happy sunny days are approaching! With the plane tickets booked, it's time for a minivan rental in Heraklion to enjoy your vacation and creating memories!

Car Size does really matters! A family of four is going to have at least four pieces of luggage so make sure there is enough room for both passengers and bags. Do you prefer to travel light? Consider an SUV rental! Lighter? Even a compact car rental could be enough!

Should I go ahead with a minivan rental in Heraklion?

Minivans, Wagons, Passengers vans or also called Station Wagons are a great way to explore Crete!

As the perfect vehicle for family vacations, a minivan rental offers space, comfortable seating, and storage space for luggage and other belongings.

Minivans are suitable for families with kids from the age of 6 months (some even from the age of 1 month) plus provide plenty of space for a baby stroller in the rear.

So the short answer is yes! Compared to carrying heavy suitcases from stop to stop, researching bus schedules, a family car rental seems a great idea! It allows you to ensure a smooth ride for the whole family and to set your own schedule!

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Advantages of a minivan rental in Heraklion

Getting around with a car is way faster than public transport. More time for discovering!

Forget public transport limitations. You can see more places if you have a rental car!

Feel like a local – be part of a town while driving in!


A minivan rental In Heraklion isn't a luxury! It's a necessity!

Traveling together is a meaningful way of spending time. Your family group can take advantage of a long driving to enjoy conversations, play games, listen to music together, or simply appreciate the time you get to spend with your kids.

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