Easter in Crete

Easter Holidays in Crete

Greek Easter is the biggest celebration in Greece!

Easter, known as “Pás-cha” in Greek, is the most significant tradition and the grandest event of the year in the country. During the Easter holidays, Greeks traditionally reenact the Passion of Christ and celebrate His resurrection with a festive feast.

Throughout Holy Week, many Orthodox Greeks refrain from eating meat until Good Friday evening when candlelit processions take place in villages and cities. On Easter Sunday, families gather in the morning, full of joy and anticipation for the upcoming communal meal.


Traditional Celebrations and Festivities

The highlight of Greek Easter is the resurrection celebration on Holy Saturday night. As midnight approaches, churches are filled with worshippers holding unlit candles. At the stroke of midnight, the priest announces “Christos Anesti” (Christ is Risen), and the holy flame is passed from candle to candle until the entire church is aglow. Fireworks and joyous shouts fill the air, marking the beginning of the Easter feast. Families gather to break their fast with a festive meal, including the traditional “magiritsa” soup and red-dyed eggs, symbolizing the blood of Christ and new life.

Easter Sunday Feasting and Traditions

Easter Sunday is a day of feasting and family gatherings. Early in the morning, families come together to prepare the Easter lamb, traditionally roasted on a spit. The meal features a variety of dishes such as “kokoretsi” (offal wrapped in intestines) and “tzatziki” (yogurt and cucumber dip). The red eggs are used in a game of “tsougrisma,” where each person tries to crack the other’s egg without breaking their own. This day is filled with laughter, music, and dancing, as Greeks celebrate the resurrection and enjoy the company of their loved ones.

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A Local Advises:

Easter marks the official opening of the tourist season, and the island begins to welcome both domestic and international visitors in a warm, festive atmosphere.

While the sea water is still much cooler than in the peak summer months, one can still enjoy the pleasures of swimming. Even if it rains heavily at times, the bad weather is usually short-lived.

For those sensitive to heat, the period around Easter is undoubtedly the best time to visit. And if your holiday can be enriched with an impressive celebration, much is already gained.

Celebrate Greek Easter with MCar

To fully experience the magic of Greek Easter on Crete, renting a car from MCar Kafetzakis is an excellent choice. With your own vehicle, you can easily attend traditional Easter celebrations in various villages, visit the majestic monasteries, and explore the vibrant local markets filled with festive treats. Enjoy the freedom to travel across the island, witnessing the unique customs and rich history that make Greek Easter an unforgettable experience.

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